Cannabis Capsules Cure One Man’s Terminal Cancer


Retired California dentist Stan Rutner was diagnosed with lung cancer which had metastasized into his brain. The diagnosis had surprised him. He thought he had come down with the flu with a chronic cough. Now 80 years old, Stan was in his late 70s at the time, so coping with orthodox cancer treatments was going to be hard on him. Luckily, he would soon find that marijuana could save him.

By Paul Fassa | Natural Society

Sure enough, the radiation and chemo treatments wore him down completely. He could barely write anymore and his short term memory was completely shot. He was suffering from extreme weight loss, muscular atrophy, insomnia, and no energy as orthodox cancer treatment’s debilitating side effects combined with cancer’s cachexia (wasting away) had taken its toll.

After a round of unsuccessful treatments, his condition worsened with pneumonia from radiation inflammation and he was hospitalized, put on oxygen 24/7. Stan was told it was time for Hospice. Normally, Hospice is designated for those with a prognosis of six months or less to live. But Stan’sdoctors told him he would be gone in a few weeks.

Hey Dad, Try Cannabis

Stan’s daughter Corinne, enabled by her husband John’s research, recommended cannabis to treat Stan’s condition – or at least help. Fortunately, the Rutners reside in Northern California, the first state to legally recognize marijuana for medical purposes.

Of course, this marijuana was not to be smoked. California is where a lot of research has isolated the other cannabinoids of cannabis for healing beyond THC, the psychotropic element of marijuana that produces the high. Hemp agricultural research has created a variety of strains that offer different compositions of cannabinoids as well as different ways to take in the plant’s benefits.

The human body contains receptors throughout, known as the endocannabinoid system, that await cannabis’ cannabinoids including THC to lock in and heal whatever needs to be healed and harmonized. Of course, this was largely unknown until the gate was opened for medical marijuana in some states and research was encouraged to further explore the hemp plant’s healing qualities.

John and Corrine discovered coconut oil infused cannabis capsules, which was easy for Stan to consume. Soon after starting, he was able to sleep and eat and in a matter of days and no longer needed externally supplied oxygen. He began feeling more energetic and hopeful. Then he began walking with a walker, and soon without the walker. His turn around was amazingly rapid.

By January of 2013, Stan’s MRI results read: “IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.” His lung and brain cancer were totally gone. Stan still uses lesser amounts of cannabis capsules for maintenance. See and hear the Rutners tell Stan’s story here.

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